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Acne Treatment at Cocoona in Delhi

Acne Treatment in Delhi

A smooth and silky skin is sought after by all, irrespective of age. Having a healthy, fine skin is more desired as we grow up. However, there are several factors which tend to diminish our skin’s texture, look and quality. These include common skin disorders, such as acne. Although acne may develop at almost any age, it is mostly seen developing in teenage boys and girls, as these years have numerous hormonal changes going on in the body.
Acne is also seen in varying degrees in every individual case. Some people have higher number of pimples that may be quite prominent in size, whereas some individuals may experience a couple of small pimples too. The magnitude of the acne may range from being extremely mild (with infrequent, small pimples), to moderate (with swollen papules) to even severe (with cysts or nodules). The treatment for acne depends on the severity of the individual’s problem.

Causes of Acne

Acne is known to be causes mainly due to hormonal changes, especially when combined with the releasing of ‘androgenic’ or male hormones. As the teenage years are the time when these hormones are released in the body, acne is seen mostly in this time.

These are the known causes that develop acne in a person:
• Abnormally active androgenic hormones
• Bacterial accumulation on skin
• Hair follicles being choked with dead skin cells and oil
• Abnormally high production of oil by skin
Acne is caused when the person develops sensitivity to the new hormones in their system. When such a person’s skin collects bacteria on the skin owing to the amount of fatty acids inside their oil glands, acne begins to develop.
Acne is seen as small bumps, cysts, nodules, whiteheads and blackheads.

Symptoms of Acne

These are the commonly-seen signs and symptoms when you develop acne:
• Pimples which have pus at their tips.
• Reddish, small bumps called papules
• Open-plugged pores, called blackheads
• Closed-plugged pores, called whiteheads
• Nodules that are solid and large, mostly developing beneath the skin
• Painful cysts and puss-filled lesions forming beneath the skin.
Although these are the common symptoms of acne their degree of severity differs in every individual’s case.

Preventing Acne

Although acne is a natural and common skin disorder there are certain factors, when avoided, can prevent acne from developing and from worsening. The way to prevent acne from severely affecting you, you need to be careful:

• When picking at acne lesions.
• When hormone levels in your body tend to change, especially during periods in women
• Wearing the right kind of clothes and head gear.

Treatment of Acne

Currently, there are three main types of medicinal drugs that are most helpful in treatment of acne. These are:
• Antibiotics – These are usually applied as a topical medication over the affected area of your skin and can even come in the form of oral tablets too. These help by controlling the bacterial infection and inflammation on the skin and are most effective when taken in combination with retinoids and benzoyl peroxide.
• Retinoids – These are derivatives of Vitamin A and are most helpful in treatment of whiteheads and blackheads, which are the initial lesions when acne forms on your skin.
• Benzoyl Peroxide – These medications are normally available as over-the –counter medication besides including some prescribed medications too. These are effective in destroying the bacteria which form on the skin, and helps to prevent acne in the future too.Apart from this, hormone therapy is also considered an ideal treatment for acne. This treatment, however, is designed mainly for women who develop excessive acne, along with several other physiological symptoms, such as thinning of hair and irregularity in their periods. For severe case of acne, Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in Delhi is the ideal place to get treatment. Using the most sophisticated medical equipment and products, the expert cosmetologists and skin specialists at Cocoona offer complete acne care to all at an extremely affordable price too.

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