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Neck Lift Surgery in Delhi, India

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Ageing might seem inevitable and we all gradually develop its signs unfortunately. Although the signs of ageing begin to develop almost all over the body they become more noticeable in areas that are visible, such as your face, arms, legs, etc. The face is highly expressive and facial signs of ageing are the biggest problem reported by our patients all over. Signs of ageing are genetically related and hence, as Indians, we tend to accumulate fat underneath the chin more noticeably.
Luckily, there are several solutions for us that can take care of signs of ageing and can improve your overall looks in an incredible manner. The double chins and jowls, and even the loose skin of your neck which begins to sag with age can be easily remedied using the effective neck lift surgery in India.

What is Neck Lift Surgery?

As the signs of ageing around our face, especially the neck are more noticeable, it has become one of the most common areas that are treated with cosmetic procedures today.
Cosmetic neck lift surgery, also known as cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty, is an excellent solution to remove signs of ageing from around your neck and improve your overall attraction.
The neck lift surgery aims to tighten the loose, saggy skin of your neck, along with the supporting tissues and muscles, to improve your jaw-line and restore a youthful look to your neck. Normally, cosmetic specialists prescribe a neck lift surgery along with other cosmetic facial procedures, such as facelift, cheek lift or a liposuction procedure.

Who needs a Neck Lift Surgery?

These are the main considerations which help to determine if you are an ideal candidate for a cosmetic neck lift surgery. The cosmetic specialist may recommend a neck lift procedure if you:

  • Have loose skin which hangs prominently along your neck and adds to your real age.
  • Feel that your neck is disproportionately thicker than your other facial features.
  • Wish to restore a young and strong jaw-line and add definition to your neck.
  • Want to remove the wrinkled forming on your skin with age.

Apart from these, the cosmetic surgeon will also take into consideration the facts whether you are suffering from an underlying medical condition or disorder which may get aggravated even with the minimally invasive cosmetic neck lift surgery. The cosmetic specialist will also consider your age, as well as your overall health status, to decide whether you are fit to undergo the procedure and get satisfactory results.

How is a Cosmetic Neck Lift Surgery performed?

The cosmetic neck lift surgery is now performed using minimally invasive surgical technique which ensures almost no scarring and results in faster recovery and swifter results as well.
To ensure that you do not feel any pain or discomfort during the facial cosmetic procedure the cosmetic surgeon will decide whether you need a local anesthetic or a general anesthesia to numb the pain during the surgery.
Once the anesthesia has been administered and has taken effect, the cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions in the region underneath your chin as well as behind the ears.
As the incisions are made, the surgeon will then use tiny surgical instruments to pull the loosened platysma muscles, which are situated under the skin of your neck. Once these underlying muscles are tightened the cosmetic surgeon will carefully stitch them in place using fine sutures.
During this, the cosmetic surgeon may also remove excess fat and the extra skin according to the tightened underlying muscles. Next, the cosmetic surgeon will position the underlying supporting tissues and use sutures to keep them in place.
Then, the remaining skin is carefully tightened over and the incisions are finally closed using fine sutures.
Although the positioning and size of incisions will depend on the extent of tightening that your neck skin requires, the surgeon will ensure to place these incisions in inconspicuous places, such as underneath your jaw-line and behind your ears, making them almost invisible after the scars have healed.

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