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Nose Surgery | Rhinoplasty at Cocoona in Delhi

Nose Surgery in Delhi

A beautiful face is defined as the one with perfectly proportioned facial features. The size and location of your eyes, the position of your eyebrows, the appearance of your lips and cheeks are best complimented when you have an ideally-shaped nose.

There are thousands of people, both men and women, all around the world who are unhappy with the size and shape of their nose. Some of the most common complaints include the nose being excessively large, misshapen and misaligned. These aesthetic defects tend to mar the attractiveness of, an otherwise, beautiful face.
For such a case, the cosmetic nose surgery, also known as ‘Rhinoplasty’ is considered to be the perfect solution to give the face an attractive, and appealing, look.

What is Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty?

Nose surgery (or rhinoplasty) is aimed to improve the shape, size and alignment of your nose using special minimally invasive cosmetic surgical techniques.
Using rhinoplasty, you can effectively increase or decrease the size and shape of your nose to be more in proportion to your upper lip and also correct abnormalities in the structure to get a more appealing face overall.

When do you need to undergo Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery procedure?

There are several reasons that are considered sufficient to qualify as a candidate to undergo a nose surgery (rhinoplasty). A person may be recommended nose surgery to:

• Alter the shape of their nose
• Change the size of their nose
• Straighten the bridge of their nose
• Modify the tip of their nose
• Narrow their nostrils

The aim behind these alterations to the physical structure of a person’s nose may include:

• Repairing the nose from damage due to injury
• Correcting breathing problems due to deformed nose shape
• Mend a congenital defect (birth defect) to restore normal appearance

How is Nose Surgery or Rhinoplasty procedure performed?

Nose surgery, when performed by expert and trained cosmetic surgeons gives immensely satisfactory and noticeably attractive results. Being a minimally invasive cosmetic surgical procedure, it carries almost nil risks of complications and is accompanied with faster show of result.

The nose surgery is normally performed as an out-patient cosmetic procedure however your cosmetic surgeon may advise on whether you will require only a local anesthetic or need general anesthesia to undergo this procedure.
Once the anesthesia is administered the cosmetic surgeon will begin making tiny incisions into the cartilage and bone of the structure of your nose. The cosmetic surgeon will ensure to make these tiny incisions inside the nose, through your nostrils, to prevent scars from developing after the procedure.

As required, the cosmetic surgeon may remove additional tissue, bone or cartilage from the supporting physical structure of your nose. In some cases where the nose to have additional volume, the cosmetic surgeon may source the tissue from another part of your body or use artificial filler material, to provide the desired shape and size to your nose.

Once the cosmetic surgeon is satisfied with the results of the surgical manipulation of the underlying bone, tissue and cartilage of your nose the overlying skin is draped back over the incisions. The skin is then re-draped over the nose, around the nostrils, before the incisions are closed using medical adhesives. The cosmetic surgeon may also attach a small splint to provide additional support to the newly-reconstructed structure of your nose for a few days.
The results of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) are seen almost instantly once any swelling gets diminished. The results are impressive and maintained for years, provided your nose does not suffer any trauma or accumulate fat underneath the skin.

Cocoona Center for Aesthetic Transformation in New Delhi is considered to be an ideal place for getting world-class nose surgery in India. Cocoona is renowned for its impressive board which includes some of the most trained skin specialists and expert cosmetic surgeons in the country along with the latest in advanced medical and surgical cosmetic equipment.

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